Ajax are under pressure. Bad results in the last few weeks strengthened the call for a change. Johan Cruyff is the leading man. In his column in De Telegraaf, he have had lots of critics on Ajax. The wrong persons are in the wrong places, the youth academy and scouting part of Ajax aren’t as good as they were. Ajax isn’t Ajax anymore. And Johan Cruyff is totally right about that.

Since 2004, we haven’t won a league title but the fall down actually started in 1995/1996. Since we won our last Champions League, in 1995 it only went downhill. Players were sold and the key players couldn’t be replaced. It was the start of something that’s still going on. Ajax’s technical decisions are an absolute joke with Marco van Basten’s buys as the lowest point. Oleguer, Cvitanich, Wielaert, Aissati, Sno and Sulejmani were all players he bought. None of them have been successful yet, some of them already left Ajax and the ones who are still at Ajax will never be successful for us. Miralem Sulejmani is the only exception. He can still become a big player for Ajax, but he should start to show that really soon. Fans are already waiting for 3 years. He hast cost Ajax €16 million but he hasn’t showed yet that’s he has been worth that amount of money. The result of all those wastes of money is that Ajax are in a debt of almost €23 million now.

With a successful second part of the season last year, everything was good in and around Ajax. Fans believed we were back on track and if we could keep our key players we finally would win that 3rd star! The start of the season was promising, reaching the Champions League again for the first time in 4 years (one of the most exciting Ajax games I have ever been, what an atmosphere!). But after our first game back in the Champions League in Estadio Bernabeu, where Madrid totally outclassed us, our play has been shocking. November has been an horrible month for Ajax with only one win in the Eredivisie. Where Martin Jol was the celebrated man last season, he’s the most criticized person right now. His buys have been a few old mans (Ooijer, Tainio and Mido) and a striker that seems not to fit in our system (El Hamdaoui). Ajax haven’t learned anything from all the missteps in the previous years. The club is still making the same mistakes.

Johan Cruyff wants to get Ajax back to the basics. Back to the principles that made this club so famous. Supporters are chanting his name in the stadium, they are backing him. His first idea is getting former Ajax players with an Ajax heart into the Members Council. They can advise the board and eventually sack the board. Ajax need people with an Ajax heart on the most important places at the club. People that really know what this club is about. The youth academy need an make over, the scouting needs to improve. Ajax must become Ajax again.

I really hope Johan Cruyff continues his revolution at Ajax. It’s time we get our Ajax back. I became an Ajax fan because of the attacking style of football, total football. I became a fan because we played without any fear, no matter what team it was. The believe we could beat anyone and anything. I was only 4 years old when we were the best team in the world, but I was fucking proud of it. I want that feeling back. The way we are playing now, and have been playing in the recent years, it’s hard to be proud of that. Ajax is the love of my life but it feels like that love is cheating on me. You can compare it to a relationship. I’m still in love with him. Sometimes I want that I don’t feel so fucked up when he’s cheating on me again but I’m still in love. As a little girl I saw him for the first time and this is what I thought: there will never be someone else. He’s the man of my life and he has my eternal love. My love was a beautiful boy in the past but has become an old man. But inside this old man, there’s still that beautiful, young boy. It’s time to take him back.

I believe Johan Cruyff can be our ‘El Salvador’ just like he has been for FC Barcelona. Johan Cruyff cares about Ajax and it hurts him to see Ajax nowadays. He has the plans and I hope the people at Ajax are willing to talk with him and listen to him because he knows what has to change. He knows what Ajax are. And if he gets the chance, I believe we can be back to where we belong in a few years from now. The upcoming years will be hard but will be worth it. Ajax will be Ajax again.

by Babettex23