I have heard the Ajax-supporters in the south of Rotterdam again! I’m not talking about the daring Ajax-fans who live near De Kuip, but the people inside. The people who demolish the chairs once a month. And I’m talking about the home-side in this case. Last week-end, they’ve won again since years (as far as I can remember), but still, they dare to be sturdy to our proud. The proud of Ajax, because we have an attacker, who loves Moroccan meat. But we can say, that we are involved of a new, big revolution! In Rotterdam, you can talk about a piece of bad luck for ADO Den Haag.

I have said many swearwords to many not-Ajaxfans. I should say, that’s not me. After our match against Real Madrid (0-4), I couldn’t do anything else. Those wannabe PSV and Feyenoord-supporters are not known as real supporters. They don’t come to every match of ‘their’ team’. They are just teletext or ‘Eredivisie Live’ supporters. Badly, I’m part also part of the second group. But those ‘supporters’ have once or twice a year, something new to laugh at. Last season was that in the period January, but after a 1-1 against NAC, we won every single match that season. We only lost the matches in the Europa League, against Juventus.

At the end of that season, we still ended second, only one point behind Twente. In Rotterdam, they were singing ‘Helemaal niets in Amsterdam’ (translated; totally nothing in Amsterdam). No more than two weeks later, we won the cupfinal with 8-1 over two matches against Feyenoord. Also in Eindhoven, they were singing those ‘lovely’ songs. A little comparison; in January, they were more than ten points up front against us. In May, we finished eight points above them. It started this year against Excelsior, but they didn’t say a word about the fact that ref Wegereef made several mistakes. I could become mad because of this, but that’s completely senseless. Ajax is the most loved, but also the most hated club in Holland. I’m proud of that! ‘Oderint dum metuant’, like is said last season in a column of Remko van der Ploeg. That’s Latin for ‘let them hate us, as long as they fear us!’

After the match against Real Madrid, I should agree them. ‘Yes, again another loss.’ It’s quite obvious, that the Feyenoord-supporters are laughing the most in my twitter timeline. Surprisingly, because I thought that they would be quiet after the match against PSV (10-0).. But I was wrong, thinking about a possible result in a match between Feyenoord and Real Madrid, made me laugh. But yes, ‘if Feyenoord…’, exactly, ‘if’.. And again, I was tongue-tied, because it was Ajax, not Feyenoord who lost. But I’m proud, still proud because of my team! Wé play Champions League, something they won’t do the next five years, in Rotterdam.

The bite of Suarez, was seen as our definitive doom. But that’s not true, it was the start of our second revolution! The first, is the revolution of Johan Cruijff. This ‘Velvet revolution’ is about the things that will happen outside the field. But this second revolution is one on the field, or better, inside the mind of Martin Jol! After the seven-match suspension of Suarez, our coach knows that it has to go different! I agree with many other Ajax-fans that Jol has to be fired, but I think Jol deserves a new (last) chance!

Now Luis won’t play until the start of February 2011, Ajax has to play totally different. It’s clear that Suarez is a very important player. Against VVV, Ajax started (what I was thinking) in a 4-4-2 with an attacking and defending midfielder. I was wrong, Ajax played in a sort-of 3-4-3; Anita, Vertonghen and Alderweireld were playing behind. Tainio left on the midfield (that was Jol’s idea), Emanuelson MC with Enoh en Eriksen on ‘10’ and on the left. Sulejmani and El Hamdaoui were the strikers and Van der Wiel was (as said by Jol) our right forward. With Anita, Tainio and Eriksen on the left, went it totally wrong. I would have played in a 3-3-4, with Emanuelson, Sulejmani, El Hamdaoui and van der Wiel up front, but Urby and ‘Greg’ would be like a left and right attacking midfielder. The other players are positions at the centre.

The tactical idea of Jol failed (no surprise tough) totally. Tainio had a little injury (next week-end against NEC, he’s unable to play), so Ajax started to play different. In a 4-3-3, as it used to be at Ajax. At the back, Ajax played with Anita, Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Van der Wiel. Enoh was playing in front of that, to ‘catch’ the midfielders. Emanuelson was playing from the left side, El Hamdaoui on ‘10’ and on the right, where Eriksen could play better (we was substituted by Mido). Up front were Sulejmani on the right, Mido in the centre and debutant Ozbiliz on the left. He didn’t play very well, but he had a very important role.

So a fake 4-3-3, where the ‘move’ was on the midfield, instead of the attack, as happened last season. “It could happen more often by now”, like Jol said after the match, I hope he is not talking crap. Too bad, Ajax misses Jozefzoon by now, because of an injury. At the match against VVV, Jol showed to believe at ‘the Ajax-formula’, it only has to be optimized yet.. I hope Jol doesn’t play ‘his’ 4-4-2 against NEC and leaves Ooijer on the bench. At this moment, I have faith in Jol, hope you all do. Against VVV, Ajax made a step in the right direction to the third championship star. In May, hopefully earlier, is neither Twente nor PSV, but Our AFC Ajax on the top of the league!!

by Stanley