What a rollercoaster end of a relaxed Monday. Martin Jol has resigned at Ajax. His reason: he was unsure if he could take this team further and that’s it’s inevitable that players will leave in January or next summer. In other words, the team will be broken up. He didn’t see in which way he could make this team a better team.

Frank de Boer takes over the job. Henny Spijkerman is named as his assistant whilst Danny Blind will become technical director. It’s actually exactly what Cruyff wanted and maybe he’s surprised it happened sooner than he thought. I hope the board has seen the light and will change their course to make Ajax, Ajax again.

 It’s good Martin Jol is out. He wasn’t the right man in the right place anymore. Supporters wanted him out. The team played horrible, he made wrong decisions, he bought players that raised eyebrows. The same thing that happened the last few seasons, has happened again. And this time, I hope the club has finally learned from it.

I believe in Frank de Boer even though it’s his first big job. He was coach of Ajax U19 before this and was Bert van Marwijk’s assistant during the World Cup. But Frank de Boer is a man with a real Ajax heart that knows what this club is, or better said what this club should be. Frank de Boer is a kid from the famous academy, he’s raised with the Ajax system. He’ll give the youth a chance, more than Jol did. I also hope that every single player will stay at Ajax in January. I hope they’ll show commitment to the club. And I actually don’t see them leaving. Suarez, Stekelenburg, Vertonghen and Van der Wiel are guys who care about this club.

With Jol out, the problems aren’t solved. We still haven’t players that are good enough in some spots. But this team hasn’t change much from last season and we all saw what this group is able to. I hope Frank de Boer can get the team on the right track, with the right mentality and passion. I hope he will aware the players what it is to play for Ajax and that they have to be proud of that and that they have to fight for every single victory, for every single point, for every single ball. Playing for Ajax is an honour, it’s not just ‘some’ club. They have sacrifice everything for that crest, for the club, for the supporters. Team above individuals. Chin up, chest out. We are Ajax.

I hope it’s the start of a new beginning. The start of Ajax’ rebuilt. The start of a period in which we can smile again, in which will lift the shield again after winning the championship.