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When VVV Venlo visit the Amsterdam ArenA, they have sort of already accepted they’ll go home with an  empty bag. It was today the 18th time both clubs faced each other in the Amsterdam ArenA. Only one time, VVV managed to leave with one points. Goal statistics: 57-8.

Last season, Ajax won with a monster score, 7-0. Odd detail: the players who scored in that game, aren’t playing for Ajax anymore (Suarez 3x, Pantelic 3x and Emanelson 1x). The 2011 edition of Ajax – VVV was one to forget really soon. Not the most enthralling of games, dreadful actually. Just as the three points are in the bag, you don’t hear me complaining. This very young team had still the game against Anderlecht in their legs. All what matters right now, to catch up PSV, are three points and that’s what we got today.

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Ajax are with one leg in the next round of the Europa League, if not with two already. Ajax have beaten the current Belgian leaders in their own clubhouse in the Derby of the Low Countries. A clash between the most successful clubs in Holland and Belgium. For the first time the eleven times they’ve played against each other, Ajax have won. It was Anderlecht’s first loss in eleven games this season. The first goal was the first one they conceded in 840 minutes. Score on the sheet: RSC Anderlecht 0 – AFC Ajax 3.

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A short one today, sometimes you don’t need many words to say what you want.

Where Ajax took advantage last week of both PSV and FC Twente, they’ve given it away this week already. Ajax managed to give away a comfortable 0-2 lead. After being on top of Roda JC the first half with better football than they showed against FC Utrecht and De Graafschap, Mats Junker’s goal for Roda JC (1-2) turned the game around. Ajax couldn’t give an answer when Roda were all over them in the second half.  Better said: Ajax couldn’t give an answer on Roda’s 4-3-1-2 tactics in the second half. The 2-2 was inevitable and a beautiful freekick, taken by Hadouir leveled the score. Despite being under pressure, Ajax had the ultimate chance for a 2-3 win, but Mounir El Hamdaoui missed from the penalty spot.

Where the title race was back on last week, the gap between Ajax and PSV and Twente is five points since yesterday. Five points that aren’t unbridgeable but five points that’ll make the 30th league title for Ajax a long way of working hard and hoping for some luck. As Jan Vertonghen said: from now on, Ajax have to win every game and hope PSV and FC Twente make a few errors. Reality is that it’s gonna be a tough race. A race that has a big chance in a disappointed end. But it’s not Mission Impossible.
At the end of the tunnel, Ajax can see glimpses of the shield they hope Maarten Stekelenburg will lift in May.

Even though I think Valentine’s Day is overrated, cheap and commercial I’m writing a Valentine’s Day special. Not for that special one, but for the club 1/4th of the Dutch population love so much.

Only Ajax supporters know the feeling when the lads enter the pitch. The nerves, the excitement that’s running through the vains and a heart that doesn’t want more than three points for the club that wears the beautiful white-red-white.  Always the feeling that we are the best, because we are Ajax. People call it arrogance, Ajax supporters call it belief.

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