Even though I think Valentine’s Day is overrated, cheap and commercial I’m writing a Valentine’s Day special. Not for that special one, but for the club 1/4th of the Dutch population love so much.

Only Ajax supporters know the feeling when the lads enter the pitch. The nerves, the excitement that’s running through the vains and a heart that doesn’t want more than three points for the club that wears the beautiful white-red-white.  Always the feeling that we are the best, because we are Ajax. People call it arrogance, Ajax supporters call it belief.

It’s been there throughout the history. It’s been there when Rinus Michels build a team that conquered the world. A team that was unbeatable in Europe for three years with Holland’s best footballer ever as their star; Johan Cruyff, the everlasting no. 14. It’s been there when Louis van Gaal managed to build a team with the perfect mix between young and experienced players. A team that showed Europe and the world how football should be played.  It’s there every single game.

It’s a feeling that’s almost impossible to describe. A feeling of togetherness. A feeling that you can only share with people who also support Ajax because. Where people who support other clubs can’t stop talking about Ajax now the club’s not doing so well, Ajax supporters decide to keep their mouth shut and focus on backing the team in times they need it more than ever. Because we know Ajax will come back, because we believe.

It’s the feeling the youngsters have when they train and play at De Toekomst. They see the Amsterdam ArenA between the trees. The place where hopefully their dreams come true. The place where players defend the colours in which magical things have happened. They know the names of every single player that came through the famous youth academy and experienced the moment they want to experience and became a star. They believe in themselves they’re gonna make it one day.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m dedicating my love to Ajax. Ajax, that can give supporters so much pain but that pain is worth it. Ajax, famous for their youth academy and their style of play. Ajax, that used to be a beautiful swan but turned into an ugly duckling but that still is beautiful to every person which blood bleeds white-red-white. Ajax, words are not enough to describe what it means to the supporters.

We keep saying what we always do, not just on this day: we love you Ajax, we do.