When VVV Venlo visit the Amsterdam ArenA, they have sort of already accepted they’ll go home with an  empty bag. It was today the 18th time both clubs faced each other in the Amsterdam ArenA. Only one time, VVV managed to leave with one points. Goal statistics: 57-8.

Last season, Ajax won with a monster score, 7-0. Odd detail: the players who scored in that game, aren’t playing for Ajax anymore (Suarez 3x, Pantelic 3x and Emanelson 1x). The 2011 edition of Ajax – VVV was one to forget really soon. Not the most enthralling of games, dreadful actually. Just as the three points are in the bag, you don’t hear me complaining. This very young team had still the game against Anderlecht in their legs. All what matters right now, to catch up PSV, are three points and that’s what we got today.

The start wasn’t that bad. An early goal of Mounir El Hamdaoui with his chocolate leg after ten minutes gave Ajax the lead and it looked like Ajax could easily walk away from VVV. As you can guess, this didn’t happen. Ajax were on top of VVV but couldn’t double the score somehow. Ajax were on top the whole game but the third pass wouldn’t want to succeed. Over and over again. A certain man in the stands, who’s farewell it was today, could’ve been useful. But also without Luis Suarez, Ajax got the win the end.

The second half was even more boring than the first one. Barely any chances and it looked like both teams were content with this small victory. VVV never had the power to hurt Ajax. Ajax tried, but couldn’t find that second goal.

Frank de Boer said after the game, that it should be much better against Anderlecht on Thursday or they might punish Ajax’s mistakes and who knows how that could end (even with a comfortable 3-0 away victory). I’m pretty sure Ajax will face Anderlecht with another face. Also both Eriksen and Vertonghen said it should be much better, especially that third pass. Vertonghen said it was sometimes quite frustrating for a defender to see how many chances were killed by the forwards. But in the end, he’s still happy with them though because they still managed to finish at least one. Gotta love him, no?

Luckily for all the Ajax supporters, who must’ve been freezing in the cold clubhouse, there was some warmth in the end. Luis ‘El Pistolero’ Suarez returned to the Amsterdam ArenA to say goodbye to his team mates, all the people who’ve helped him at the club and of course the supporters. With various standing ovations, nice words, singing and firework, Suarez must have left Amsterdam and Ajax with a big smile on his face (if he wouldn’t already).

Enjoy it here, once again.