Johan Cruyff has joined a so called soundboard group earlier this year to bring Ajax back to the top. On the day Frank de Boer has been head coach of Ajax for 100 days, he has presented his report with his plan for Ajax’s future to the board and the rest of the club. He’s the main leader on this journey. He’s the one with the ideas. He’s the one where everyone listens to.

His plans are mainly about the technical part of the club and about the organization. Which person is the most suitable for which role.  The key word in this is the oh so famous academy. A change in this academy is needed to bring Ajax back to the top according to El Salvadore. In the last few weeks, Cruyff has build a plan for this with only ex football players who all played for Ajax. Cruyff: ‘Ajax will  be led again by ex-footballers who have the knowhow and experience with my football philosophy. For the unknowns under us. Cruyff’s philosohpy is 4-3-3 with wide wingers, a lot of movement and high pressing.

A little insight in Cruyff’s masterplan is that head coach Frank de Boer will form the ‘technical heart’ of this new Ajax with a few former players (De Telegraaf has reported that will be Dennis Bergkamp and Wim Jonk). Other former players, in- and outside the club, will back the ‘technical heart’. This heart will set up the technical standards of Ajax and monitor them.  They also ensure that these standards are guided by the best people in the best place. Cruyff: ‘Because you need both quality and results. Results are boring without quality, without quality results are nonsensical and these toppers do understand that’.

It’s important that Ajax start with this plan really soon because they want to be finished with it before the start of next season but preferably sooner. Cruyff: ‘the start of next season is actually too late already’.

A lot of former players from in- and outside the club has talked and are still talking with Cruyff about their ideas and which path Ajax should walk in the future. Names like Rijkaard, Van Basten, Winter, Roy, Schoenaker, Boeve, Keizer, Jonk and Bergkamp are all willing to help Ajax. Cruyff: ‘This dedication to the club is the most precious that a football club like Ajax can have and Ajax need to cherish that more’.

Cruyff can advise the board but it’s the most important that those advices will be accepted and implemented. In the real world this is always the most difficult part and you often see that the most important details fall in action at the end of the process. To prevent this, Cruyff will advise and assist the board in every single step of his masterplan. Cruyff: ‘This report embodies my football vision and everything I stand for’.

The eternal no. 14 can’t imagine his advice won’t be implemented in it’s total form because everything that made Ajax famous and big in the past are part of that advice. Also every single former player he has spoken to are backing and embracing this idea.

Johan Cruyff’s famous last words : ‘I and many others want to be proud of Ajax again, because the world will admire Ajax again’.