Look at Christian Eriksen’s face an you know enough. In less than a week, Ajax’s hope for winning the Europa League and the league title is gone. A 3-2 loss in The Hague against ADO has killed Ajax’s chances for the league title. Even more painful is that Ajax actually were the better side but bad defending and 3rd keeper Jeroen Verhoeven being more a hindrance than a help have killed off the slim title aspirations.

A howler by Gregory van der Wiel and Toby Alderweireld gave ADO the lead. It was captain Jan Vertonghen who hammered it in (108 km/h) and gave Ajax the equalizer. But once again bad defending and a indecisive goalkeeper made it easy for ADO to take the lead for the second time. A lovely header of Christian Eriksen after a good cross by Miki Sulejmani and 2-2 was the sight on the score sheet. Don’t ask me how it happened, but ADO took the lead once again after awful defending. It was a goal that was almost a copy of the 2-1. Definitely something that makes you raging, that made me raging and made Frank de Boer raging.

In all the pain there were a few positives: Jan Vertonghen, Christian Eriksen and the debut of Geoffrey Castillion. Jan Vertonghen, the best player Ajax have since Luis Suarez left but maybe already was their most important player before. Luis Suarez who scored a beauty today. We could have used his goal scoring ability and will to fight today but he’s past. The other player that brings a smile on your face is Christian Eriksen. The fact that he has chosen for Ajax and is playing here is worth as much as pure gold. He’s not a constant as Vertonghen yet, but that’s something you can’t ask from a player that just has been playing regularly for little over two months. The young Dane is one of the brightest prospect in Europe and still developing. He has a great future ahead. If both Vertonghen and Eriksen will stay, Frank de Boer needs to build his team around them. I’m 99,5% sure that Ajax’s no. 8 will stay. He has said more than once that there’s no better place for him to develop than Ajax. He’s not finished here yet. If he leaves, a first team spot isn’t a guarantee. At Ajax it is. For the Ajax’s no. 4 it’s another story. He’s already playing in Ajax 1 for more seasons, became one of the best, if not the best, defender in Holland. You can say he’s finished. If there comes a nice club for him this summer, he’s gone. If not (which we all hope for) he’s happy to play another season in Amsterdam. A player that certainly will stay in the capital is Geoffrey Castillion. The 19-year old ‘new Kluivert’ made his debut today. It’s known that he lacks in confidence but his debut will surely do him good. I’m looking forward to see more of him.

Anway, it’s bye bye league title for the 7th time in a row. Seven times Ajax haven’t won the league. S-E-V-E-N. Unacceptable for the biggest club in Holland. Yes, I can say it’s over because it’s very unlikely that Ajax will win it with only 6 games to play. Six games in which Ajax have to close a gap of 6 points with PSV. Only a miracle can give Ajax the league title and the third star (30 league titles) that everything Ajax are so longing for. And yes, miracles happen sometimes but I’m afraid that’s not gonna happen for Ajax this year. And I’m a believer. Also De Boer and Eriksen said that they’ve given it away.

Finishing second (and possible qualification for the Champions League) has also become a difficult story. Twente are five points ahead of Ajax. The Dutch Cup is still there to win for Ajax and it would be a plaster on the wounds. At least something tangible but compared to the league title it’s worth absolutely nothing.

We will move on to another season, another 37 games to play. Another chance to win that league and to get that third star on the chest. That journey will be led by Frank de Boer, who’s making a difference at the club in a good way. Let’s just not think about the players that might leave. My heart can’t take that much of pain.

I’m Ajacied. Onwards and upwards. Forever.