Where the sun was shining last week, when Johan Cruyff handed over his report with advices, grey clouds are hanging above the ArenA right now.

Johan Cruyff and his right and left hand, Dennis Bergkamp and Wim Jonk, haven’t come to an agreement with the board. The board wants to follow Johan Cruyff’s advices about the direction Ajax have to go. But they don’t want to give him full power. Advices that include the academy and technical part of the club. With most important de Boer, Dennis Bergkamp and Wim Jonk becoming the ‘footballing heart’ of Ajax. This Super Trio would be in charge of scouting (Jonk), the academy (Bergkamp and the first team (De Boer).

To implement this ideas, Cruyff wants the board to follow up these advices strictly (including the consequences for some persons) and he also wants full power. The board, on the other hand don’t want to give the legendary no. 14 the full power to follow his own advices. They agreed on the recommendations but not on the way how to implement them. In fact they say: ‘We accept it but we also decide what’s going to happen’.

The story goes that the breaking point in the talks between the two parties was the new role of Dennis Bergkamp. In Cruyff’s plan he’d become head of the academy and Frank de Boer’s right hand. The board, on the other hand, didn’t agree on this because it would mean that the current head of the academy, Jan Olde Rienerink his part would be over. They’ve also promised current assistant Danny Blind that he’d become technical manager next season. In Cruyff’s plans, Blind would just be Frank de Boer’s assistant.

General manager Rik van den Boog: ‘We would like to implement Cruyff’s recommendations. Ajax wants to use the knowledge and experience of former football players like Bergkamp, Jonk and other icons. This is what we have discussed tonight with Johan Cruyff. One thing is clear: we are responsible for running this club. We simply can’t hand it over. It is unacceptable for the board to blindly follow up what others command.  We agree with the technical recommendations and we wanted to work together on that. Therefore it is unfortunate that we haven’t come to an agreement tonight’.

As said earlier with El Salvador’s ideas, five people in the current back room staff had to leave. Four of them maybe could have find another job within the club but Van den Boog said: ‘that’s not the way a warm club like Ajax mix with people’.

He continues: ‘We don’t want a revolution at Ajax. It’s going the right way with the club on many fronts. Now it’s about giving each other space to improve the academy and the first team. But under the powers and responsibilities of the the board. You can’t just hand over the control and watching how it all ends in the background. It’s all about doing the right thing for the club. Having the best interest for the club at heart. The current board is doing that and will continue to’.

That last sentence, I don’t believe it and many others (actually all Ajax fans) don’t.  He’s lying right in front of the camera. Johan Cruyff, Wim Jonk and Dennis Bergkamp don’t believe it either even though they don’t say it with so many words. Cruyff has said that Rik van den Boog words are ‘deceptive and incorrect’. They’re upset and can’t believe the board isn’t willing to take their hand. A board that includes three people and two of them don’t even have football knowlegde. In Cruyff’s own words, Ajax right now is a drama. And it’s just beyond his understanding that the board won’t move in what’s in his eyes, the right way. A way that will help Ajax and that’s where it’s all about. Bergkamp is ‘shocked’ and Wim Jonk talks about a ‘lack of confidence’. This set back doesn’t mean they give up on Ajax. No, they will keep fighting for Ajax and for a change at the club. Because Ajax is what it’s all about. It’s the most important.

Where Cruyff left Ajax when things didn’t go like he wanted them to go before (when Van Basten was in charge), he’s not giving up now. Most important because he’s not standing alone this time. ‘The plans are set up by a group of former Ajax player who’ve played plus minus 2000 games for Ajax. I just can’t understand how they even think: we’re not gonna do this’.

Plan A has turned into a failure so it’s time for Plan B. A plan that includes a longer way to reach the same goals. And if needed, they will try to get rid of the current board. How and what is too long to explain.The structure at Ajax is quite complex. Not in the last place because the club is a PLC. But what matters is that Cruyff and his troops are on a war path. Where they tried to make love first, it’s war now. A war that will not end until Johan Cruyff is statisfied. A war that will not end untill Ajax are back where they belong. A war that will not end until the last breath.

The next step will most likely be an emergancy meeting of the some 500 members Ajax have. Johan Cruyff will try to mobilise support for his cause.

The supporters and (almost) everyone else are behind Cruyff. It’s the same story once again: the board only thinking about themselves and not about the club. Just look around on the internet or start a talk with a random Ajax supporter. They’ll all tell you the same: ‘Get rid of this board and let Cruyff bring Ajax back to the top’. It’s heartwarming to see how Ajax supporters unite. It’s time for a change and that change will come. It will only take more time now. A lot of people inside the club but also outside the club are behind Cruyff. I’m confident he’ll succeed and that he’ll bring Ajax back to where they belong. Back to where they came from before the misery started.

With saying no to Cruyff’s plans, the board of directors have already dug their own grave. When Johan Cruyff’s a man on a mission, you won’t be able to stop him. Operation ‘Red and White Elephant’ has started. The Revolution is on!