The members of Ajax’s board of directors have resigned last night over a disagreement with club legend Johan Cruyff.

Uri Coronel (chairman), Cor van Eijden and Joop Krant announced this during a meeting with the members council. In advance, the meeting was expected to be a long one. One that wouldn’t finish before midnight because the full board, the board of directors and Cruyff & Co would explain everything that happened in the past few weeks. It never happened because during the meeting it became clear for the members council that the board of directors should execute the advice given by Johan Cruijff et al., including the consequences for the personnel. Ajax’s board of directors is ultimately responsible for the policy and has told the members’ council that it is not prepared to waive this responsibility. The supervisory board supports the board of directors in its decision.

The members of Ajax’ board of directors, Uri Coronel, Cor van Eijden and Joop Krant, feel that the process and, in particular, continuing unrest surrounding the club, resulting from that, are extremely damaging to Ajax. By resigning they wish to live up to their responsibilities and offer the club the space and opportunity to break out of the looming impasse. In concrete terms, this means that the members council must now go in a search of successors. During that period, the directors are set to remain in their positions.

During the press conference after the meeting it became clear that Johan Cruyff has used coarse language to get his result. He has, in a very short summary, said: ‘I want you to accept my advices and fully implement them. If not, I’ll destroy you’. Coronel continued to say: ‘The way Johan Cruyff wanted to get his result is unacceptable for every self-respecting director’. Johan Cruyff’s ideas includes a sacking of quite a few people including the Academy Director Jan Olde Rienerink, assistant coach Danny Blind, the whole medical staff and 6 youth coaches. The board couldn’t and didn’t want to accept this requirement. Coronel finished with the words: ‘Johan left us with no choice, he is more important to Ajax than us’.

Coronel said he’s stepped down in Ajax’s interest. Because Ajax’s is the most important. What I don’t understand in that case is why he needed to say (if true) what Cruyff has said during the different meetings with the board and the board of directors. This causes even more turmoil within the club. Something that’s never good.

El Salvador, on the other hand, has denied he wanted to immediately sack those people. He has also denied that he’s used this rough language. Coronel has said they’ve saved every voicemail and made proceedings of every meeting with Cruyff. Wim Jonk said today that there are a lot of lies going around at Ajax. So did Dennis Bergkamp Who to believe? I don’t know it anymore even though I believe Johan Cruyff and troops more than those ‘directors’. All we supporters can do is hoping it ends up well.

After the board of directors had announced their resignation, Wim Jonk and Dennis Bergkamp (who’ve to take total charge of the club with Frank de Boer in Cruyff’s masterplan), explained their ideas and plans to the members council. In a statement to the press they said that the members council were very enthusiast about it.

In front of the camera, next to Jonk and Bergkamp stood Johan Cruyff. After the question what the next step will be he answered: ‘I don’t know. I have no understanding of management’. I can say, that was a punch in my face. I hoped that Johan Cruyff had his plan ready and already knew what the next step would be. Mabye he know but didn’t want to say it yet. But I think he really don’t know because it’s not his decision who’ll be the new board of directors. He also looked a bit shocked about everything that happened that night. Shocked that he never expect such a turmoil or shocked that he never thought it would come this far so quick? My wish is that Johan Cruyff will meet the members council and will find with them the people who are most capable of taking over the positions of the current board of directors. Besides that I hope Cruyff will take responsibility for everything he’s caused and take an official role at the club. Whether that’s as a supervisor or as technical director. But it doesn’t look like it as he already said last night that he did a good job  at Barcelona without being in an official role.

The members council has called up to all Ajacieden to show respect for each other. No matter if you disagree with each other or not. In this case there’s only one victim in this chaos and that’s Ajax. The supporters club is embarrassed that this war had to be fought in public instead of inside the club’s walls. They regret the resignation of the board of directors. They understand it’s a complex situation, but this decision makes it even more complex.

All I can hope is that this turns out to be the right decision and that Johan Cruyff takes everyone by their hand and lead Ajax on their road to new success. In long term Cruyff’s ideas will be great for Ajax but the question is now: who’s gonna implement them? The board will not leave until the new board of directors will sack them. What if the members council choose new directors that don’t agree with Cruyff’s ideas? Let’s keep all our fingers crossed and hope that won’t happen. Johan Cruyff’s ideas are perfect to reorganize Ajax and take a step back to the top.

Even though Uri Coronel said Johan Cruyff is a demi-God if not a whole God at Ajax, no one is bigger than Ajax. Not the board of directors, not Frank de Boer, not Wim Jonk, not Dennis Bergkamp and even not Johan Cruyff. All I want is that it will be quiet around the club again. The last time that happened was in 2004 when Ajax won their last league title. I hope everyone who has to make decisions, makes the decisions that are the best for Ajax and for no one else. It’s already going on too long. It’s time Ajax becomes the most important again.