I keep apologizing for writing blogs on such a low scale. It wasn’t my intention to do so when I started this blog but it appears to happen. It’s not that there’s not much to write about this club. There’s always something to write about Ajax, positive or negative. I hope I can better my life from now on but I won’t promise anything anymore ha.

How things have changed for Ajax since my last blog, three months ago(!!). My last blogs weren’t posts that put a smile on my face. Ajax were five points behind the league leaders, were struggling to play the passing and pressing game manager De Boer is eyeing and half the first team was injured. The two games after that blog both ended in a loss (Feyenoord away and FC Utrecht at home). At that point, almost everyone (and I’ll be honest to say I was one of those), had written off Ajax for the championship.

And see where we stand now, three months later. Only a miracle can hold off Ajax from the title. With three games remaining Ajax are six points clear. Who could’ve imagined that just a couple of months ago? I’m tempted to say no one.. The championship can be prolonged this Sunday in Enschede against FC Twente (dejá vu much?). I still don’t fully realize it can really happen within three days. Like I can’t believe what happened over the past couple of months. It is all too good to be true after everything that happened. Not just the peformances on the pitch but also the turmoil off the pitch with Louis van Gaal and Johan Cruijff. The supervisory board has stepped down in the mean time and behind the scenes they’re busy with appointing a new one. The names that appear in the media look promising. Johan Cruijff remains at the club as a consultant. I hope it’s gonna be a long term relationship. There’s one single person who deserves a big compliment in this whole story: Frank de Boer. When the club was in turmoil he stayed calm and kept focussing on the main thing: football. He has always believed in his boys and see how it pays off..

Ajax’ win last Sunday against FC Groningen was their 11th straight victory. That makes them the only club in Europe’s top 7 leagues to do so. But it’s not just the fact that Ajax’ peformances went crescendo. They’re passing and pressing like De Boer wants to see it. In my eyes, Jan Vertonghen, is a masquerade of Ajax’ season. He didn’t play well before Ajax’ comeback. He lacked concentration and eyed a little careless. At some point there was a complete turnaround. He became the captain De Boer wanted him to be. He became almost unbeatable. He became a leader, a player that’s, unfortunately, ready for a step ahead.

The was Ajax are playing now I like how I want it to see. Early pressing, a circulating passing game. Waiting for the right moment to press a little bit more to get a goal, they’re patient. Patient when a team leans back and hopes to get a draw of a minor loss like FC Groningen and De Graafschap. They’re not fearing a goal might not happen. That’s how much their confidence has grown.

I hope I have a reason to throw a party on Sunday and not just because it’s Queen’s Night in Holland. I hope Jan Vertonghen holds the trophy on Sunday, 16.20 CET. And if not it’s gonna happen three or seven days later. It’s almost impossible that it will go wrong. There’s one thing that’s almost for sure. It’s that we can say again: we are Ajax, we are the best!